Posted by: searchforgnosis | March 28, 2013

New Start (?)

OK, thought I might start to write things here again. Perhaps it will be helpful to me… Maybe this start will mirror a start of inner activity. Because just as this blog once started up and then ended, so have the inner activity/work done for quite some times. How to find strength to go against everything negative within me? I am somewhat ashamed of what I do. Or what I don’t do. There are days where I put in lots of efforts, only to soon be taken away. Where is the strength? Where has it gone? What am I doing with my life? What do I want in life? The answer to that kind of varies, even if the strongest singular answer is to find out death, purpose of living, etc… But then the “schizophrenia”┬ásets in, doing counter-productive activities, and then regret… Then determination, then self-deceit… phew, what am I doing…